Summer Details

The bright happy colors of summer are so inspiring and cheery that I find myself doodling them during my lunch breaks most days (when I'm not working on secret book projects, that is).  And, having just returned from a wonderful graduation trip to Walt Disney World, what better way to use that summery palette than with a collection of cute Disney accessories?


I couldn't resist adding a little extra sparkle and shine to some of these!  What's your favorite part of a Disney vacation?  For me, it's getting to run around the parks like a little kid, taking in all the beautiful details and getting to fully immerse myself in the beautiful world they create!

While in real life, my wardrobe tends to be as monochromatic as you can get, I definitely enjoy the bright and colorful Southern summer aesthetic.  Vibrant colors are hard to pull off when you're paler than a vampire, haha.  That's the great thing about art though, I can surround myself with any colors/settings/ideas that I choose! 


How will you celebrate this summer?  As for me and myself, I'll dive into dazzling new palettes and try to find as many cheery details as I can in the world around me!