Color Cravings

Like most people crave food, I crave colors.  The cravings change with the season and my mood at that moment, but I'm always on the lookout for new palettes and beautiful hues. 

This summer I've been very drawn to bright, happy colors (think Lilly Pulitzer meets Disneyland).  After all, summer is the season of ice-cream, pool parties, and rainbow-colored beach umbrellas.  


Since I am, by and large, a hermit, I get my doses of color largely through paper, books, fabric, and, of course, that brilliantly-useful-black-hole-of-the-internet, Pinterest.  

I also tend to associate different colors with different scents.  For instance, these bright summery colors for me call to mind notes of coconut, fruit, and heavy florals, as in Hanae Mori's Hanae perfume.  Something tropical and delicious for sure!  


One palette that I return to time and time again is that of pastel pinks and golds.  They're so delicate and undeniably feminine.  It's also a very classic palette, calling to mind early Chanel and Dior, old-fashioned powder puffs, fine lingerie, and rose perfumes.  


Normally, this is a very springy palette for me, but it's soft and comforting in a way that keeps it one of my favorites year-round.  Like reading a magazine in a cozy sweater with a gently-scented candle burning nearby.  Or the feeling of a warm breeze through an open window.  Plus, as you might have realized by now, I have quite an affinity for pink.  It's such a happy color!

The last palette I'll explore today is the pale minimalism of white-on-white, inspired by Scandinavian design and crisp, clean sheets of paper.  Mmm, what possibilities those hold!


There's something almost zen to me about this particular palette: it's peaceful, yes, but it's also full of potential, the chance to build something new, whether it be a painting, a room, or even an outfit.  There's almost the sense of rebirth with whites and pale, pale greys.  They let every miniscule color shine in a way that no other palette allows.  Plus, it's one of the most chic color combos of all time, but maybe that's just my Scandi sensibility talking.


Of course, there are endless possibilities and combinations when it comes to palettes.  These are just a few of mine at the moment!  Who knows what new inspiration autumn will bring?